The GPSS Work Style


We help our employees grow their careers by providing various development opportunities.

Sustainability Talks

Once every two weeks, GPSS hold “Sustainability Talks” online sessions for one working hour on Fridays among our employees to discuss and learn about topics that are related to sustainability. The sessions’ speakers ranges from outside professionals and from our many talented employees. Every session is recorded and announced for employees who were not available to attend.
To introduce few past themes: “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Guerrilla Rainstorms, Typhoons and Heat-Climate Change”, “How to Deal with Stress: Remote Work and Coronavirus”, “Food Loss”, “LGBTQIA +”, “Looking back on Pride Month” “What is ethical consumption?” “Gender Equality “, etc.


SDGs Training

New employees join a SDG Training conducted by certified SDG facilitators.
This training allows employees to understand the importance and the complexity of Sustainability Development Goals, as well as the role of each individual’s role in creating a sustainable society.



Support for each employee to foster their career skills

  • Company subsidy for the personal use of English and Japanese language study(with maximum limited amount)

    For employees who need to improve their language skills in the course of their work, a personal study subsidy program (with maximum limited amount) is available for English or Japanese.

  • Regular Dialogues with Directors


    Through dialogue with the Directors, we deepen our understanding of the GPSS philosophy and provide opportunities to reflect on our own way of working.



GPSS by The Numbers

  • Sales Trend


    Since GPSS Group’s establishment, sales have been steadily increasing with the acceleration of demand for sustainable energy production which is encouraging steady growth and stable revenue.
    (as of Nov. 2021)

  • Average Overtime Working Hours


    We have introduced a flexible work schedule that allows our employees to choose their preferred working hours between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

  • Increase in Number of Employees
    As of Nov. 2021


    As our business expands, so does the number of employees at GPSS. We will continue to recruit more actively to maintain optimal employee performance and maximum employee satisfaction.

  • Percentage of Employees By Age Group
    As of Nov. 2021


    Employees in their 20’s who have out of the box ideas. The 30’s & 40’s who are in their prime; and those in their 50’s or older, who have experience and knowledge. All of our employees cooperate with each other to work in a well-balanced environment.

Promoting Open Communication

Nicknames Culture

There is a culture in which all employees, including managers, can freely exchange opinions by calling each other by nicknames, which reduces the hierarchical severity often found in Japanese companies.


GPSS promotes a work culture which allow you to maximize your individual abilities, skills, experience, and strengths and promote your value to your colleagues and the company. As long as you are not naked, you can work in any clothes that match with TPO. Although GPSS is a Japanese company, approximately 37 foreign staff from over 26 countries work together, making it easy for new discoveries and ideas to be born.


Unique Leave

Family Responsibility Leave

Family Responsibility Leave is a system that allows caregiving and nursing care leave not only for your immediate family members on the Official Family Registry, but also for non-registered partners and other relations.
This leave is paid leave and effective from the day you join the company.