With the aim of realizing a sustainable society from the local community, GPSS Group is engaging in a wide range of power generation projects that produce sustainable energy, including solar, wind, small and medium-sized hydro, geothermal, and biogas. We go into the community to thoroughly understand their needs in order to create sustainable energy together as a joint venture. With our strong trust, we can effectively realize our goal side by side.

We invite you to join us in realizing a sustainable society!

We help our employees grow their careers by providing various development opportunities.

  • Sustainability Talks
  • SDGs Training

We support each employee to foster their career skills

  • Japanese Language
  • Regular dialogue sessions with Head of Company

GPSS Company Culture

  • GPSS by The Numbers
    ・Sales Trends
    ・Average Overtime Working Hours
    ・Increase in Number of Employees
    ・Percentage of Employees by Age Group
  • Promoting Open Communication
    ・Nickname Culture
  • Unique Leave
    ・Family Responsibility Leave