Message from the CEO

We are looking for people who can ignite their souls in the pursuit of creating a sustainable society together with the local communities


Sustainability, to me, is the premise of making a decision, and thinking through whether it will continue to be right in the far distant future. In other words, we think about whether what we do at this moment is the optimal solution, not from a short-term perspective, but taking into consideration a long span of time. With this distant future in mind, we take a reverse approach and think about what we should do now.
Along with the infinite time frame, we also consider the maximum amount of space available. We humans have so far prioritized shifting benefits to ourselves alone by separating ourselves from the environment, without thinking about the spatial continuity and expanse. We are getting close to a dead-end in this practice. The unlimited use of resources and exploitation of the environment for our own enrichment has resulted in a situation where our own lives are at risk as resources are depleted and the environment is destroyed.

Sustainability underlies all our activities

GPSS is a corporate group that aims to realize a sustainable society by means of renewable energy supply. Our business includes solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and small and medium sized hydro power plants.
Our raison d’etre (purpose) is to realize a sustainable society beginning from the local community.
The pursuit of sustainability has always underlined all our activities. We define sustainability not as “abundance” or “prosperity”, but instead as “the state of secure access to food, energy and other necessities of life”.

Sustainable relationship with local communities

We utilize “local commons” such as untapped water, wind, heat, and other resources in the region to create joint businesses with local communities (our main stakeholders). The local communities are thus directly involved in the projects, from development to investment management. By sharing interests with local communities, we build sustainable and durable relationships based on mutual trust and consensus.

Work that fosters a sense of fulfillment

Sustainability is at the heart of our corporate culture. Having traveled to over 100 countries, I came to believe that some social systems lead people to happier lives while others do not. It does not only apply to society but extends to companies alike. Since many people spend a considerable part of their lives and energy at work, GPSS Group aims to create an environment where each employee can obtain a sense of fulfillment from their job. We believe this is the foundation to create a sustainable company.
We also believe in the importance of employees recognizing that their work can contribute directly or indirectly to society. We hope that future employees share GPSS’s raison d’etre, “to realize a sustainable society beginning from the local community,” and understand the value of utilizing their abilities to the fullest.

D&I is fundamental to the company’s operations

GPSS promotes diversity within the company and employs people of various nationalities and backgrounds. We currently have employees from over 25 different countries with a variety of skills, experiences, and strengths working side-by-side. We aim to create a unique culture that understands the importance of collaborating with diverse individuals and respects the individuality of each person. This culture is also reflected in our work style. Due to the diverse skill sets and requirements of some jobs, we cannot offer a full-flex or full-remote work schedule. However, individuals and teams are still able to enjoy a flexible work style if they fulfill their respective job’s responsibilities.

Making society sustainable beginning from the local communities

To repeat what was said in the beginning, sustainability, to me, is to make decisions by looking toward the indefinite time and unlimited space. We are always thinking about what we should do now by taking a reverse approach from an image of a distant future.
This is where GPSS’s raison d’etre of “realizing a sustainable society beginning from local community” was born. I work every day envisioning a diverse group of employees who share the values of GPSS and who will one day become bridges between communities around the world.

Ignite your soul, not the Earth.
GPSS is looking for people who can ignite their souls together.

Group CEO
Masaaki Mezaki