Diversity &


Diversity & Inclusion

The GPSS is trying to embody the concept of “Diversity & Inclusion”.
Our employees are professionals from a variety of backgrounds and come from 24 countries and regions. (As of June 2024)
We have created a unique corporate culture that values an atmosphere in which each person is open to his or her own opinions and accepts each other.


D&I initiatives

GPSS initiatives

GPSS established the Diversity & Inclusion Committee (hereafter referred to as D&I Committee) in 2020. The committee consists of three female and three male members with various nationalities, job responsibilities, and ages.
The D&I Committee oversees various initiatives related to D&I in order to create a comfortable working environment where employees can utilize their individuality and strengths.
The D&I Committee promotes D&I with particular emphasis on the following five areas.

  • ・Women’s empowerment
  • ・Cross-cultural cooperation
  • ・Work-life balance
  • ・People with disabilities
  • ・LGBTQ+ people

D&I target

The GPSS Group includes many businesses where there are few women, such as power plant development and construction, and the current ratio of women is still low, although it exceeds the industry average.
GPSS will continue to actively recruit women and foreigners without being bound by the common sense of the industry.

D&I KPI Results Target
As of Oct. 2022 As of Oct. 2023 2030
Ratio of female employees 26% 26% 30%
Ratio of foreign employees 14% 15% 21%

Message From CEO

Not “This is how it should be”, but “This is how I want it to be”.
GPSS is engaged in a variety of businesses with the goal of “realizing a sustainable society.” The management of the company is also based on the concept of “being sustainable.”
Among other things, we believe that Diversity & Inclusion is fundamental, and we hire people of various nationalities and backgrounds to promote diversity within the company.
Why does GPSS care about diversity?
Diversity, in its tolerance and embrace of people, ensures freedom of choice for individuals and allows for us to live proactively.
Before I founded GPSS, I spent time researching the ultimate purpose of human beings, studying social anthropology and traveling to over 100 countries over a period of 10 years.
What I found was that in every society there exists a common purpose for all human beings.
That is, people live in search of happiness, and that happiness needs to be recognized by oneself. I also learned that while there are societies that lead people to be happier, there are those that lead people in the opposite direction.
The same is true for companies.
Many people spend a great deal of time and energy in their lives working for a company. Therefore, if we cannot feel happiness while working for a company, we will never be able to achieve a happy society.
People who are free to make their own choices and enjoy their lives are also tolerant of others’ freedom. However, when people live their lives to meet the expectations of others, with an attitude of “I have to do this”, they tend to constrain the freedom of others, saying that “they must also do this”. That is why ensuring diversity is a way to ensure freedom.
Without the ability to live happily, neither individuals nor society will be sustainable. For this reason, we need to create an environment which nurtures diverse values.
Rather than the “This is how it should be”, care for the “This is how I want it to be” that flows from within oneself.
People who can take good care of themselves, can take good care of others.
I think of GPSS as the smallest unit of society, and I want it to be a tolerant place where everyone has the attitude of “This is how I want it to be” and can exercise their own abilities and freedom.
I believe that Diversity & Inclusion is the very essence of GPSS’s corporate management.