Our goal is to transform into a sustainable society through grid parity, independent from imported resources by further utilizing sustainable energy.

To create a sustainable society through sustainable energy. GPSS aims for a society that employs 100% safe, secure and reliable sustainable energy through achieving grid parity* and independence from imported fossil fuels.

* Grid Parity : Where generation costs from sustainable energy are equal to or lower than traditional costs.

We supply secure and stable energy at all times through an optimal energy mix.

Together with the local community, we are leading projects on five sustainable energy: solar, wind, geothermal, small and medium hydro, biogas + WTP.


Working together with local communities, we aim to create a bright energy future by bringing together local resources with our knowledge and expertise.

Local Resources

Local communities have abundant underutilized solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and WTP resources. Each area’s energy potential is assessed based on local needs and environmental suitability.

GPSS’s Knowledgeand Technologies

We bring together specialized technology, know-how and insights with a wealth of experience to transform local resources into sustainable energy businesses. We realize optimal solutions, together with the local community.

Value Creation

Community joint ventures provide not only a revenue stream from electricity sales, but also lasting value creation through new local business opportunities and employment. Energy independence encourages community sustainability.


Grid Parity for Sustainable Society

Our companyʼs name, GPSS, symbolizes our desire and vision to create a truly sustainable society through achieving “grid parity”, where renewable energy costs are equal to or lower than traditional generation costs.

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