Nickname: Ishi-chan
Affiliation: Process/Equipment/Piping Team, Engineering Group, EPC Department, Engineering Business Division
Alma Mater: Graduated from Yokohama National University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering
Joined GPSS: February 2023


What did you do before joining GPSS?

I was in charge of piping design at an engineering company that primarily handled EPC for overseas plants.


Please tell us the reason why you decided to join GPSS.

The fact that GPSS works on environment-friendly renewable energy plants was appealing. However, another appealing point for me, was the relatively small size of the company and its work on small-scale plants since it would allow me to try out a variety of processes and things other than piping.


What is your role at GPSS?

I am in charge of piping design for geothermal power generation plants, equipment placemenet and piping route planning.


Please tell us "the moment when your soul ignited" after joining GPSS.

I enjoy the fact that I can study not only piping design, but also processes and equipment.


Please give a word to future GPSS members!

You can try various things depending on your motivation, so I think this is a great company for people who want to improve their skills and take on challenges.