Nickname: Abe-chan
Affiliation: Personnel Team, Human Resources & General Affairs Group, Administration Division
Alma Mater: Bunka Women's University Junior College
Joined GPSS: April 2017


What did you do before joining GPSS?

After my graduation, I worked at a resort hotel there I engaged in restaurant services and its functions. With my experience from my previous job, I worked as a wedding planner and was responsible for my customers' satisfaction on one of their most important days.
Thereafter, I worked in the agriculture and forestry division at the city hall, and while assisting in application procedures, I began to feel the rewarding side of supporting this industry.


Please tell us the reason why you decided to join GPSS.

The most important deciding factor for me to join GPSS was when I was told that I should work for my own happiness during one of the interviews.
For me, these words were a great opportunity to overturn my sense of value about my career. I realized that I value my life as much as I value my work.
Moreover, I believed that if I join this company, I would be able to learn more about myself and discover new insights that I didn't know existed.


What is your role at GPSS?

I am in charge of administrative tasks in the Human Resource Group, such as procedures for entering and leaving the company, resident registration, work attendance, health check-ups, maternity and childcare leave, and defined contribution pension plans.


Please tell us "the moment when your soul ignited" after joining GPSS.

My spirit is always burning in my day-to-day work, but if I had to pick one, I would say that my spirit burns when I think of efficient ways to do things.
I was transferred to the Human Resources department with little to no knowledge, but I am grateful for the environment that allows me to propose and adopt new ways of doing things.


Please share a piece of advice to future GPSS members!

The GPSS offers a very flexible work style.
I can freely adjust my working hours from 5 to 10 p.m. from home while raising my child.
Thanks to the flex system, I have been able to work full-time less than a year after my childcare leave.
I think the company culture is suitable for people who want to value both work and their private lives, so if you are looking for a work style that fits your lifestyle, apply for our company!