Nickname: Maya
Affiliation: CAS Team, Engineering Group, EPC Department, Engineering Business Division
Alma Mater: Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
JOINED GPSS: April 2019


What did you do before joining GPSS?

I was a local public servant and had a technical job (design work).


Please tell us the reason why you decided to join GPSS.

I was fascinated by the environment in which there is a department in charge of development, design, construction and maintenance, and I can consult immediately beyond the boundaries of the department. I also found it interesting that the corporate culture allows people from various backgrounds to exchange opinions in a relationship without hierarchy.


What is your role at GPSS?

I am in charge of the layout plans of solar power plants and the examinations of the gantries/frames.


Please tell us "the moment when your soul ignited" after joining GPSS.

When I had the opportunity to discuss and share different opinions on how to build a better power plant with people from different disciplines.


Please give a word to future GPSS members!

The GPSS group has a lot of inspiration. Let's think about the future of the Earth and our own future together while receiving various forms of motivation!