Tue 22, Jun.2021

Osaka Gas and GPSS Holdings Sign Agreement on Joint Development of Small- and Medium-Sized Solar Power Plants

Osaka Gas and GPSS Holdings Sign Agreement on Joint Development of Small- and Medium-Sized Solar Power Plants

Development of new FIT and non-FIT solar power plants utilizing idle land throughout Japan~


June 22, 2021
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
GPSS Holdings Inc.


Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Masataka Fujiwara; hereinafter “Osaka Gas”) and GPSS Holdings Inc. (Representative Director: Masaaki Mezaki; hereinafter “GPSSHD”), a renewable energy company, have signed an agreement on the ongoing joint development of small and medium-sized solar power plants.

With the expansion of renewable energy in Japan, there are ever fewer suitable sites for new large-scale solar plants. As such, the focus is now shifting to the development of small and medium-sized solar power plants. In response to this shift, Osaka Gas and GPSSHD have formed an agreement to jointly develop, own, and operate new small- and medium-sized FIT*1 and non- FIT solar power plants*2. These plants will be built utilizing idle land throughout Japan, and by bringing together Osaka Gas’ comprehensive knowledge of the electric power business and GPSSHD’s knowledge of power plant development.

This will be the first time for Osaka Gas to be involved in the development, ownership, and operation of small- and medium-sized solar power plants across multiple sites in Japan.

Furthermore, Osaka Gas and GPSSHD will also consider a wide range of other business cooperation, including joint development of various types of power sources such as wind, geothermal, small-and medium-sized hydropower, and capital alliance.

With the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, the Daigas Group aims to contribute to the advancement of 5 million kW of renewable energy*3 in Japan and overseas, including energy plants developed and owned by the Group as well as those procured from other companies. In addition, they aim to increase the ratio of renewable energy in the Group’s domestic power business to around 50%*3 by fiscal year 2030.

To realize a sustainable society, the GPSS Group is promoting power generation projects using sustainable energy sources which can be used continuously without depletion. These include solar power, geothermal power, water, wind, and waste, and will be developed, through joint projects with local communities.

Osaka Gas and GPSSHD will continue to work towards the spread of renewable energy and the realization of a sustainable society.


*1: Feed-in tariff system for renewable energy
*2: Renewable electricity generated by non-FIT solar power plants will be purchased by Osaka Gas over the long term.
*3: Renewable energy includes solar power, wind power, biomass, and other power sources subject to the FIT system.

1. Image showing a joint-development small- or medium-sized solar power plant (potential)

. Company Profile
<Osaka Gas>
Company Name: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address: 4-1-2 Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Representative: Masataka Fujiwara
Capital: 132,166 million yen
Established: April 10, 1897
Business: Production, supply and sales of gas, generation, and sales of electricity, etc.

Company Name: GPSS Holdings Inc.
Head Office Address: Shiba-Koen ND Building 6F, 2-5-10 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Masaaki Mezaki
Capital: 200 million yen
Established: September 2, 2019 (The predecessor company was established on October 26, 2012, and this company was established in 2019.)
Business: Development, EPC, investment, etc. related to sustainable energy