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Wed 25, Nov.2020

GRESB Infrastructure Assessment Results Achieved 5 stars “Highest GRESB Rating”

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November 25th, 2020 GPSS Holdings Inc.

GRESB Infrastructure Assessment Results Achieved 5 stars “Highest GRESB Rating”

We are pleased to announce that GPSS Holdings co., LTD. (CEO: Masaaki Mezaki) has achieved a 5 Star Rating in the 2020 GRESB Infrastructure Assessment.

This is the highest GRESB Rating and a recognition for being an industry leader.

We, as GPSS group, proved a tangible progress from our 2019 participation which yielded a 4 Star Rating. We will continue to strengthen our efforts toward ESG by monitoring Business Operations and improving our environmental management systems.








About GRESB Infrastructure

GRESB is an annual benchmark assessment that measures environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of real asset (real estate and infrastructure) investments.

It was founded in 2009 around a major European pension fund group that led the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

As of November 2020, “investor members” who use GRESB data to select investment destinations and interact with investees will have more than 100 institutions last year with assets under management of approximately 5.3 trillion U.S. dollars and (104 yen per 1 U.S. dollar). Including assets other than real estate and infrastructure, from Japan has also joined Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Company, Limited. (announced in March 2019).

GRESB Infrastructure is a benchmark for assessing ESG performance of infrastructure funds and their invested infrastructure assets and operating companies, that was launched in 2016.

This year, 426 organizations participated in the “Asset Assessment”, which evaluates infrastructure assets and operating companies (393 institutions last year).

For more information, please visit the GRESB website at

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