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Wed 29, Nov.2023

GPSS Group establishes joint venture with CYTOK GmbH

GPSS Group established a joint venture with CYTOK GmbH to provide solutions to the green energy needs of Asia Pacific.




  • November 29th, 2023 


Representatives of both companies signing the joint venture agreement. Left: Masaaki Mezaki, President of GPSS Group; Right: Klaus Schirmer, President of CYTOK
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  • Following the exclusive partnership agreement signed by CYTOK and GPSS beginning of the year, the companies have decided to progress further by establishing a joint venture (JV) specifically for the Asia Pacific region.  

    This strategic move aims to leverage the strengths and resources of both companies to enhance their presence and operations within this dynamic and diverse market. The JV will enable a more focused and collaborative approach to business opportunities in Asia Pacific, potentially leading to increased innovation, market penetration, and customer reach in the region. 

    CYTOK’s cutting-edge technology is already implemented in hotel complexes in Germany, the current location of CYTOK’s headquarter. In Japan, the GPSS Group in collaboration with two local governments, is working on two projects that utilize the same technology. 

Advantages of CYTOK’s technology

  • 1. Efficient use of energy: CYTOK’s technology allows a more efficient use of energy when compared to other Power-to-Gas technologies due to its ability to recover and reutilize heat generated in each step of the energy generation process. 
  • 2. CO2 Emission free: CYTOK’s technology has achieved a complete CO2 emission-free operation by capturing and storing the CO2 required for methanation.  
    This is a patented CO2 closed loop system. 
  • 3. Energy storage and resilience: In addition to its resilience features, the technology also has electricity and heat storage features, which allow the storage of the energy generated in each process. 
  • Additionally, it is possible to produce green fuels (e-fuels) in large scale power plants by externally supplying CO2 (for example, from biogas power plants). 

    This technology also enables system design and optimization due to its flexible size designed to meet supply and demand needs. Therefore, the system could be an option for municipalities and companies seeking local production and consumption.

  • ・GPSS Group (located in Minato, Japan  is a corporate group that aims to realize a sustainable society through energy supply businesses that use sustainable resources, such as solar, wind, small and medium-sized hydropower, geothermal, and biogas power plants.

    We consider untapped natural potentials such as water, wind, and heat in local communities as “commons*,” and under the slogan “Beginning from the local community” we establish joint energy supply projects with communities to make society sustainable. (  ) 

    *The term “commons” refers to resources that are the property of the entire society and should be maintained and managed together. 

    CYTOK GmbH (located in Rostock, northeastern Germany, ) is a company that provides innovative solutions in hydrogen methanation technology. They have technology that facilitates energy storage by generating hydrogen from renewable energy and using a catalyst to methanize CO2. In addition, they have obtained a patent for a closed loop system that captures and stores CO2 from methane combustion and reuses it for methane production, achieving a complete CO2 emission-free operation


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