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ESG Policy


1. Contribution to the Decarbonization of Society through Sustainable Energy

We contribute to the mitigation of climate change and decarbonization of society by generating sustainable energy. We set specific targets for the reduction of energy generation-related greenhouse gas emissions and work towards their achievement.

2. Consideration for Local Environment

We recognize that the development and operation of sustainable energy plants may have an impact on the surrounding natural environment and ecosystems. We will assess our impact on biodiversity, as well as the environmental impact of our operations in terms of effluence, water intake, emissions and noise, and manage any negative impacts appropriately.

3. Efficient use of Energy and Resources

We are committed to the efficient use of energy (e.g. fuel) and resources (e.g. water and materials) consumed in the development and operation of our powerplants. We reduce the amount of waste generated as much as possible by reusing and recycling.

4. Improving Resilience to Climate Change and Disasters

We aim to identify and address the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. Specifically, we will work to strengthen our resilience by addressing the physical disaster risks to our power plant facilities, as well as adapting to local characteristics. We also aim to build micro-grids which will create resilience during large-scale power outages caused by disaster and improve energy storage capabilities.


5. Contribution to Local Societies through Business Partnerships

We intend to contribute to the revitalization and socioeconomic development of local communities through promotion of business partnerships using local resources. We build relationships with regional stakeholders such as local authorities, business partners, residents and communities to promote active collaboration and cooperation.

6. Protecting the Health and Safety of Stakeholders

We respect the fundamental human rights of our stakeholders, including our employees,
subcontractors, and local residents. We place great importance on protecting health and safety and to ensure business is conducted in a safe and comfortable manner.

7. Nurturing Employee Well-Being

We provide training and educational opportunities for our employees to allow them to express their individuality, take initiatives, and create a comfortable working environment that considers work-life balance. Furthermore, we respect and value diversity, fostering a corporate culture of integrity that does not tolerate discriminatory language or actions, harassment of any kind, or other unjustifiable acts.

8. Cooperating with Suppliers

We aim to establish fair and smooth relationships with business partners and suppliers, to work with local companies where possible, and to procure products in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner.


9. Responsibility as an Infrastructure Operator

We strive to provide a stable supply of electricity, to evaluate and manage risks to ensure continuous operation and strengthen the resilience of our organization, for example through our comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

10. Compliance

We aim to be a fair and trustworthy company, respecting social norms beyond complying with laws and regulations in all business activities. We also work to prevent bribery and aim to conduct all business free from conflicts of interest.

11. Information Disclosure and Transparent Communication

We seek to enhance transparency by regularly disclosing the status and performance of our efforts to address sustainability issues. We are determined to take opinions and requests from stakeholders seriously and try to resolve problems through interactive communication.

12. Personal Information and Data Protection

We manage personal data of our employees, as well as business and technical information obtained from all companies and individuals involved in our business, in accordance with the law, contracts and internal regulations. We also have measures in place to protect against cyber-attacks.

13. Whistleblower Protection

We prohibit unfair retaliation against employees who report fraud, possible violations of the law or internal policies and regulations.

14. Delegation of Authority

We are committed to sound corporate governance by clearly defining our organizational structure, individual responsibilities, and delegating authority in line with that structure.