ESG Policy


1. Contribution to the Decarbonization of Society through Sustainable Energy

We contribute to the mitigation of climate change and decarbonization of society by generating sustainable energy.

2. Consideration for Local Environment

We assess the impact on biodiversity and environmental impact of wastewater, exhaust air and noise to properly manage potential negative impact.

3. Effective use of Energy and Resources

We aim for effective use of energies such as fuel, water and materials consumed in the development and maintenance of our powerplants. We reduce the generation of waste as much as possible by recycling.


4. Contribution to the Development of Local Communities through Business

We intend to contribute to activate local and socioeconomic development through promotion of business using resources held by the regional society. We establish favorable relationship with regional stakeholders such as local authorities and governments, business partners, residents, communities to promote cooperation.

5. Health and Safety of Stakeholders

We value protection of health and safety of stakeholders such as employees and subcontracting employees involved in our business and residents in neighbors.

6. Initiatives for Employees

We provide opportunities such as training and education for employees to be able to demonstrate sense of oneself and self-motivation and develop workplace environment taking work-life balance into consideration. Furthermore, we value basic human rights and diversity of employees and cultivate good-faith corporate culture not allowing unjustifiable acts like discriminative words and actions, sexual harassment as well.

7. Cooperation with Suppliers

We aim to establish fair and smooth relationship with suppliers and carefully consider the sustainability in procurement.


8. Responsibility as an Infrastructural Operator

We strive to provide stable electric power, evaluate and manage risk comprehensively for continuous operation and enhance resilience of organization including the strict compliance to the Sustainability Policy hereby.

9. Compliance

We value compliance as well as social norms and take appropriate measures to prevent bribery, corruption and fraudulent act.

10. Information Disclosure and Transparent Communication

We seek to enhance transparency by disclosing status and result of initiatives for sustainability regularly. We are determined to take opinions, complaints and requests from stakeholders to resolve problems through interactive communication.