It is our belief that the pursuit ofindividual happiness,a thriving enterprise,and societal goodcan coexist together.


We are nowin the middle of an energy revolution.

Globally, the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy is progressing steadily. After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) system was introduced in order to promote the spread of renewable energy in Japan. The Ministry of Economy sets a target of sustainable energy self-sufficiency in Japan that increase to 22-24% by 2030, which is a difficult situation to achieve the target.

Japan’s energy self-sufficiency rate is only 8%. In the remaining 92%, Japan depends on imported fossil fuels, but the resources will be exhausted in the future. Fossil fuel prices are not only unstable but also greatly affected by the exchange rate. Based on that Japan’s gross debt already exceeds 200% of GDP, sustainable energy is most necessary for Japan. That is why it is urgent we need to shift to almost limitless sustainable energy sources.

Our goal is to move to a fully sustainable society. The companyʼs name, GPSS, symbolizes our desire to create a sustainable society through achieving “grid parity”, where renewable energy costs are lower than fossil fuels.

We have another mission. That is to make a happy company. I traveled through over 100 countries around the world, and I realized that there are societies where people are likely to be happy and societies where they are not. In a happy society, individual freedom is maximized, and diverse values are respected. GPSS put emphasis on the value of diversity. By making people to express their individuality, we cultivate a more creative and happy environment.

When employees can express their own individual personalities in pursuit of a sustainable society, it enables them to simultaneously pursue personal well-being and societal good.

Group Co-Representative Masaaki Mezaki



We respect different cultures and values as well as the opinions and freedom of others.


We keep our word. We are transparent and consistently honest.


We act on our own initiative, while taking responsibility for our actions. We strive to fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders.


Anticipating change, we continue to be innovative and creative.

We have a Corporate Ethics Code in place at GPSS. The Code provides guidance on how we conduct business within our company, and it governs how each brand, companies and employees engage with local governments and authorities, colleagues, suppliers, the community and other stakeholders.


Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydro, and Biogas + WTP. Our energy comes from 5 sustainable sources. 

Our symbol is an expression of these five energies combining into a single crystal. The elements are drawn in towards the center symbolizing our company philosophy of “Oneness with the community, towards a common goal”, and “A sense of shared destiny with our partners in striving towards a sustainable society.”

The color “GPSS green” reflects the image of ecology, strength, uniqueness, and innovation of our company.


Our companyʼs name, GPSS, symbolizes our desire and vision to create a truly sustainable society through achieving “grid parity”, where renewable energy costs are equal to or lower than traditional generation costs.


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