Consistent with our vision for sustainable local communities, we try to contribute to their development by actively engaging with the people of various regions.

Rice Field Maintenance Volunteers

Minami-Aso Village, Kumamoto, Japan

We are regularly involved in rice planting and harvesting. Volunteers from our company gather to help protect the environment of Minami-Aso. We feel compelled to act after observing the decreasing number of farmers as the population ages and the degradation of paddy fields.

Guardian Forest Project Volunteers

Tohoku, Japan

We help plant evergreen trees in East Japan’s coastal area to create a tsunami barrier forest. Approximately 470,000 trees have been planted since 2013, which is not only aiding the reconstruction of the Tohoku area but also revitalizing the native Japanese forest.

Solar Power System Installation Project

Nishihara Village, Kumamoto, Japan

After the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016, we donated and installed a solar panel electricity storage system in the evacuation camp at Nishihara village. It was used as a power source for charging mobile phones and women’s toilets.


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