Nickname: Yose-san
Affiliation: Geothermal Development & Investment Inc., Development Division, Geothermal Group, Resource Research Team
Alma Mater: Waseda University Graduate School, Department of Global Environmental Resources Science and Engineering (Geochemical Analysis and Plate tectonics of Rocks Produced in Southeast Asian Countries)
Joined GPSS: April 2020


What did you do before joining GPSS?

I was a geological consultant(landslide surveying related to infrastructure such as roads; rockfall surveys, groundwater surveys, etc.). I was tasked with conducting geological surveys at factories that required access to mountains, highways, and groundwater.


Please tell us the reason why you decided to join GPSS.

I was fascinated by the clear vision and the ability to work with a global feel. As it is sometimes said that "common sense in Japan is insane in the world," I want to be a person who can work in any environment. GPSS is an environment created by representatives and staff who have worked in a global environment, so I emphasized performance-based and wanted to work in that environment myself.


What is your role at GPSS?

I am involved in all aspects of geothermal technologies.
Especially, I am involved in a series of processes from geological surveys, geophysical exploration, and selecting areas with geothermal potential by conducting fumarolic tests to determine the final amount of electricity to be generated.
In addition, I also utilize the experience I have from geological consulting to consult with people in the hot spring community on technical problems they may be experiencing.


Please tell us "the moment when your soul ignited" after joining GPSS.

I believe we are a company that respects individuals and allows employees to do various things and try taking on new tasks, I think that I will experience that moment while tackling one or several of various challenges.


Please give a word to future GPSS members!

When I interview for this job, I honestly communicated what I wanted to do and how I thought about it. Even if you don't know what you want to do, it's important to clearly communicate your direction. GPSS accepts it as it is, so if you have an honest interview, you will be able to work with a sense of conviction after joining the company.