Nickname: Okkun
Affiliation: Japan Hydro-Power Development Inc., Development Group, Technical Team, Team Leader
Alma Mater: Toyokawa Technical High School Department of Electronic Machinery
Joined GPSS: August 2019


What did you do before joining GPSS?

I was doing maintenance, inspection, and construction of a hydroelectric power plant.


Please tell us the reason why you decided to join GPSS.

I was fascinated by the fact that I warmed so well to the community-based business style and that people were always incorporating new ideas without being bound by stereotypes. Another point is that the person in charge of Human Resources at that time was a woman, but she was not forced to wear the typical OL (‘office lady’) company uniform and she was allowed to color her hair; I was impressed by this positive gap between GPSS and traditional companies in Japan.


What is your role at GPSS?

I am in charge of developing hydroelectric power plants and selling MAVEL turbines.

In development work, we conduct on-site inspections (topographic surveys) of the surrounding area in order to judge business feasibility. In addition, I am involved in various tasks such as negotiations with landowners and local governments and support for junior colleagues.


Please tell us "the moment when your soul ignited" after joining GPSS.

It was when the landowner spoke to me, "Drink tea," or when I was asked to clean a waterway; this made me feel accepted by the local people.


Please share a piece of advice to future GPSS members!

Maa-san (Mr. Mezaki), the co-representative of the GPSS group, is NOT a suspicious person, and Kurachi-san (Mr. Kurata) is NOT a professional wrestler. (LOL)